Happy Valentine's Day

By Rachel Bardwell

Feb. 14, 2019

Valentine’s Day has a way of sneaking up on us year after year. With Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s back-to-back, Valentine’s Day seems to pop up right when we feel like the holiday season is over and we finally caught our breath. Often times it’s not until we’re shopping at our local grocery store and everything seems to have turned red and pink that we remember the romantic holiday is approaching! This Valentine’s Day, Pastor Mike Fabarez of Focal Pointand his wife Carlynn are presenting a different perspective on the holiday in a brand new series, Those Words at the Altar. Advocating a higher standard of love, the series helps listeners tackle the following topics: Rethink why marriage is defined as a ‘sacred covenant’ Dismantle ... Read More

Voice of the Martyrs Advance 2019 Conference

By Rachel Bardwell

Feb. 13, 2019

At the beginning of the month, the RK Media team had the opportunity to attend the VOM Advance Conference in Costa Mesa, CA. With the largest number of registered attendees to date, VOM hosted about 2,000 people from the community to share stories of those currently persecuted in our church family. Those in attendance heard stories from believers living in countries such as India, China, Syria and many others, which were nothing short of heart breaking. However, this was not where the conference left their attendees. Instead, the event aimed to edify and equip the audience with tools for change and hope. The ministry explains the mission of the conference as a way, “to learn how God’s kingdom is advancing, even in the face of ... Read More

All Things New Celebrates 5 Years of Radio Ministry

By Meredith Reiten

Jan. 18, 2019

Last week All Things New with Pastor Shawn Thornton celebrated the 5-year anniversary of their first broadcast, which aired January 6, 2014. Since then, this daily, 25-minute radio ministry has had a great impact not only on the local community but also on listeners nationwide. All Things New listener, Mary, is just one example of the many lives being touched by the program… “Your broadcast helped me personally get through the tough times I’ve faced. All things are possible with Jesus… A year ago I might’ve called you a Bible-thumper, but now I’m that person craving more each day!” - Mary, All Things New listener On top of producing a nationally syndicated radio program, Pastor Shawn Thornton serves as the senior pastor at the largest ... Read More

Ron Zappia of Highpoint Ministries Releases First Book: The Marriage Knot

By Meredith Reiten

Jan. 2, 2019

Today, Ron Zappia of Highpoint Ministries and his wife Jody were featured as guests on Chris Fabry Live to discuss their brand new book, The Marriage Knot. If you missed the interview, you can still catch it by visiting: https://www.moodyradio.org/programs/chris-fabry-live/ Full of truth and first-hand experience, The Marriage Knot reveals Ron and Jody's personal love story and the seven transformative principles that saved their marriage when trials arose. Whether you're recently engaged or have been married for over a decade, the couples tried and true wisdom is sure to bless you and your spouse as you navigate the varying seasons of marriage. Order your own copy today at ronzappia.com. “As everyone knows, no matter the type, all knots loosen over time. Eventually, left unattended and ... Read More

FEBC Celebrates 1,000 Episodes

By Meredith Reiten

Nov. 23, 2018

This holiday season, there’s certainly much to be thankful for. And today, Far East Broadcasting Company is thankful to be celebrating an exciting milestone… its 1,000th program! Since its inception in 1945, FEBC has been crossing borders and breaking down barriers, sharing the Good News with the world through the latest technologies. Today, the program can be heard in more than 100 languages and in nearly 50 countries—touching millions of lives throughout Asia, Central Asia, Southeast Asia and Eurasia. FEBC president, Ed Cannon says… "The FEBC mission is clear: One message: the truth of salvation through Jesus Christ, proclaiming the Gospel boldly for over 70 years, to the most unreached places of the Earth. And that will never change." Echoing Cannon’s articulation of the FEBC ... Read More

Happy Thanksgiving from Your Friends at Roger Kemp and Company

By Meredith Reiten

Nov. 20, 2018

In light of the tragedy that has swept across our community in recent weeks, this Thanksgiving season has taken on deeper meaning for our team here at Roger Kemp and Company. Today, more than ever, we recognize how blessed we are to give our lives to work that has eternal value. When we consider every life reached through Christian radio and the ministries that daily proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it is impossible not to give thanks! We also give thanks for the privilege of serving alongside such wonderful men and women, from our Ministry Clients to our Station Partners, as together we send the hope of the Gospel to a world in desperate need of Christ’s love, hope and peace. Read More

Update from Roger Kemp: First a Mass Shooting, then Fires

By Jessica Suggs

Nov. 12, 2018

Last Wednesday, November 7, 2018, our community was violated just before midnight. By now you have heard about the mass shooting that took place in Thousand Oaks in which 13 people lost their lives and many more were hospitalized due to serious injury. We are grateful for the outpouring of concern and compassionate prayers for those impacted. Shortly after the shooting, our first responders were sent to extinguish a firestorm that continues to rage out of control in the Santa Monica Mountains. Due to the threat on local neighborhoods over the weekend, most of the RKC staff was under "mandatory evacuation." The gusty south winds caused the fire to leap over the freeway and torch everything in its path toward the ocean. Because the threat ... Read More

Philip De Courcy Rolls Out New Book, Take Cover

By Meredith Reiten

Nov. 7, 2018

As the dust settles from the 2018 midterm elections and the final results trickle in, some may worry about what will come of the propositions passed, senators elected and laws rewritten. So how do we find security in an insecure world? Pastor Philip De Courcy of Know The Truth calls on Christians to take refuge in God from Psalm 46. Drawing on lessons he learned in law enforcement, Philip affirms that true security is not the absence of danger, but the presence of God. In his new book, Take Cover, Philip shows us the security we are looking for is likely closer and more secure than we think. The thought provoking read opens with an entire chapter dedicated to his experiences as an active-duty police ... Read More