Bring Your Dad to Work Day: VOM Radio Welcomes Special Guest This Father's Day Weekend!

By Julianna Keck

June 15, 2018

Father’s Day weekend is upon us!  It’s with great joy we celebrate the fathers and father figures God has raised up as servant leaders in our homes, churches, and workplaces.

In honor of dads everywhere, The Voice of the Martyrs Radio Network has lined up a very special guest on the weekend broadcast—Phil Nettleton, father of VOM Radio Host Todd Netttleton.

In this memorable father-son interview, Todd asks Phil to draw from his extensive experience as a missionary and pastor of missionaries to shed light on the challenges missionaries face and specific ways we can be praying for them.

Phil Nettleton first went overseas as a missionary in 1982.  He served in Papua New Guinea, Africa, South America, and Europe.  When he retired and came home to the United States, he didn’t want to just take it easy…

He states,

We’re 24/7 Christians for the Lord.  We’re serving Him every day of our lives, and we’re looking for ways to hear His voice and to really do what He wants us to do, because He does have plans for us every day of our lives.

Phil’s attitude is one we can all learn from and apply to whatever mission field God has called us to.

Tune in today and tomorrow to hear the powerful testimony of a man devoted to serving the Lord all the days of his life!