An Evening with Mark Gregston in Yuma, AZ

By Julianna Keck

Sept. 20, 2017

Parents often feel alone and frustrated, like they have nowhere to turn … or those they turn to don’t have any helpful answers!

An Evening with Mark Gregston from Parenting Today’s Teens is an event designed to give moms and dads an opportunity to meet parents walking a similar journey and hear Mark’s insightful instruction for dealing with teens in today’s challenging culture.

Last month, nearly 200 parents and grandparents spent An Evening with Mark Gregston in Yuma, Arizona.

Melissa, an avid Parenting Today’s Teens listener, witnessed first hand how Mark Gregston’s guidance impacted her own family. Prior to the event in Yuma, she urged her Facebook friends to make this night a priority:

“To all of my Yuma, Arizona friends and family – make time to attend this amazing seminar if you have teens, almost have teens, or know any teens. EVERYONE should attend this seminar!

Mark Gregston has helped our family immensely, and I would be neglectful if I didn’t tell you about this amazing opportunity to hear HOPE for parenting today’s teens.”

During these evening events, Mark addresses why ‘old-school’ parenting no longer works in today’s shifting culture and lays out a training model moms and dads can apply at home. According to Mark,

“As your child grows, the stakes only become greater. It’s important to deal with issues now … instead of letting them bring a lifetime of trouble later.”

Thank you to Family Friendly KCFY 88.1 FM for bringing Parenting Today’s Teens to the moms and dads in and around Yuma!

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