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Generic Promos and Holiday Spots from Mark Gregston of Parenting Today's Teens

By Jessica Suggs

Oct. 28, 2013

Mark Greston of Parenting Today's Teens has recently recorded fresh, upbeat spots for your radio station. In addition to brand new generic spots promoting the weekend broadcast on your station ... Mark has recorded encouraging Thanksgiving and Christmas greetings to air throughout the months of November and December. To add the general program spots or holiday greetings to your station's rotation, please contact us by email at On behalf of Mark Gregston and the entire Parenting Today's Teens team, thank you for your partnership. Happy Holidays! Read More

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Know the Truth, A 25-minute Daily Broadcast for Your Station

By Jessica Suggs

Oct. 25, 2013

Leading the next generation of expository teachers, Philip De Courcy's delivery comes with a charming Celtic flare and a direct disarming style. A former Northern Ireland street cop and graduate of The Master's Seminary, Philip blends reverence and humor with compassion and confidence. Bring this fresh new voice to your station today! Hear samples of the daily half-hour program online at Add Know the Truth to you line-up today when you call Jessica Suggs at (818) 865-0180 or email Read More

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The Barrick Family from Hope Out Loud

By Sheryl Lynn Johnson

Oct. 23, 2013

This week, Linda and Jen Barrick from Hope Out Loud have been speaking in Canada at various events. They enjoyed sharing their story at church services, a Teen Challenge event, a prayer breakfast, and a school assembly where over 100 students gave their lives to Jesus Christ. One student said, "I have gone to a lot of religion classes, but never knew you could have a personal relationship with Jesus." Today, they finish up their trip with an interview on the TV program, 100 Huntley Street, Canada's longest running daily talk show. Andy, Linda and Jen will have the opportunity to share their story of hope to over a million people on this program. Jen's new book, Prayers for Everyday was just released. The book ... Read More

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Pastor Philip De Courcy Keynote Speaker at KDAR Pastor's Breakfast

By Jessica Suggs

Oct. 18, 2013

Pastor Philip De Courcy is the keynote speaker at KDAR FM's Pastors Appreciation Breakfast. Thank you to the KDAR staff for including Know The Truth in this special event! To add the daily half-hour broadcast Know The Truth to your station, or to include Pastor Philip De Courcy in your event please contact our office at Or sign up to air the program here. Read More

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Mark Gregston Interviews Special Guests in the Kemp and Company Studio

By Jessica Suggs

Oct. 14, 2013

Expressing yourself over the phone doesn’t always foster strong relationships. So much can get lost in translation! It’s when you sit across the table, enjoying that one-on-one connection that the most meaningful conversations emerge. On September 3rd, Kemp and Company had the pleasure of hosting Mark Gregston for a studio session. Throughout the day special guests arrived at the studio, connecting face-to-face with Mark. The result is some of Parenting Today’s Teens strongest programs yet! Listeners will enjoy the fresh new voices, helpful dialogue, and high-end production quality these in-person interviews provide. Mark inteviews special guest Dee Dee Mayer Parenting Today's Teens is a weekly half-hour and daily :60 broadcast dedicated to guiding parents through the turbulent teen years. For more than 30 years, Mark ... Read More

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Keith and Kristyn Getty Perform at Kindred Community Church

By Jessica Suggs

Oct. 4, 2013

Keith and Kristyn Getty, modern-day hymn writers of songs such as, In Christ Alone, and The Power of the Cross, will be performing at Kindred Community Church in Anaheim Hills this coming Sunday, October 6, 2013. This sold out event takes place at the home church of Pastor Philip De Courcy, pastor on the daily broadcast Know The Truth. The passion and purpose of Know The Truth is to acclaim and proclaim God's eternal truth as found in holy Scripture which is centered upon the person and work of Jesus Christ, God's Son. Know The Truth is steadfastly committed to celebrating and communicating the life-transforming fact that God desires all men to come to a saving knowledge of the truth (1 Timothy 2:4) Pastor Philip ... Read More

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Come Home: A Call Back to Faith

By Jessica Suggs

Oct. 1, 2013

During the month of October 2013, James MacDonald and Walk in the Word is featuring a vital message of hope from the message series titled Come Home: A Call Back to Faith. Featuring fresh interview content from men and women who ran from the Lord and have returned home, as well as dialogues with families still waiting for prodigals to return, this series will touch the heart strings of all who hear. Listeners will also enjoy a moving discusion with James MacDonald and his own daughter, Abby, who was once a prodigal herself. According to James MacDonald, "The great message of the Gospel is the past can be forgiven. Hurts can be healed. Sin can be atoned for. We worship God today because of what ... Read More

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