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New Theme Music for Walk in the Word

By Jessica Suggs

June 30, 2014

On Wednesday, July 2, you'll notice a fresh new sound on Walk in the Word with James MacDonald!The broadcast will open with a brand new theme written and performed by the Vertical Church Band. It's a call to worship titled "Open Up the Heavens." And the program will close with the familiar and popular Walk in the Word theme song. It's the perfect mix of old and new!In addition to this fresh new sound on the broadcast, Walk in the Word has also updated its logo. Inspired by James' book release, Vertical Church, this new image is a visual reminder that it's all about going vertical, and taking the church back to God.Please take a moment to download the new logo from our website and ... Read More

Pastor Mike Fabarez Answers Your Questions Every Weekend on Focal Point Radio

By Jessica Suggs

June 20, 2014

If you could have a cup of coffee with pastor Mike Fabarez, what Bible question would you ask? On every Friday program, we will reserve a portion of the Bible teaching program to answer pressing questions in a brand new popular feature called Ask Pastor Mike. During this new segment, Pastor Mike will entertain relevant questions, such as ... Is heaven boring? Why does a loving God allow suffering? How can I know God's will for my life? In addition, listeners will be encouraged to carry the conversation further by visiting the Focal Point Facebook page, and listeners can also post questions they'd like to hear Pastor Mike answer, as well. These Friday programs are designed to be repeated as a weekend release. Hear a ... Read More

Chuck Swindoll Featured on Parenting Today's Teens

By Jessica Suggs

June 18, 2014

Many parents like to be in control of every aspect of their own lives ... and the lives of their kids. But over-controlling parents have a proven track record of raising under-prepared teens. This weekend on Parenting Today's Teens, special guest Chuck Swindoll joins Mark Gregston for a healthy conversation on giving up control. Mark and Chuck will provide parents with 5 Keys to Loosening Your Grip. Pastor Charles Swindoll has devoted his life to the accurate, practical teaching and application of God's Word. A pastor at heart, Chuck has served as senior pastor to congregations in Texas, Massachusetts, and California. Chuck's radio broadcast, Insight for Living, began broadacasting in 1979 and airs in major Christian radio markets around the world. “My desire is to ... Read More

Summer For The City

By Jessica Suggs

June 13, 2014

Hosted by Harvest Bible Chapel, this six-evening, city wide revival will be held at the Harvest Bible Chapel Cathedral campus in Downtown Chicago. Each evening will feature live worship, a message from local pastors and highlight a Chicago urban ministry they are partnering with. Offerings will be taken each night to support a specific project in these ministries. If you're in the Chicago area July 6-11, 2014 come and be encouraged. Come and worship the Lord. Come and help those who are helping others. For more information on this special event go to Click here to learn more about James MacDonald, Senior Pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel and pastor on the daily and weekly radio broadcasts of Walk in the Word. Read More

Nick Vujicic Featured on Parenting Today's Teens

By Jessica Suggs

June 11, 2014

As a child, Nick Vujicic was the perfect target for bullies. Why? He was the only kid at school born without arms and legs. This weekend on Parenting Today's Teens, moms and dads will enjoy a refreshing dialogue with Mark Gregston and Nick Vujicic on helping kids triumph over bullies. For more information on the daily and weekly broadcasts, Parenting Today's Teens, check out the following websites: To learn more about Nick Vujicic's incredible story visit Read More

Mike Fabarez on Frank Sontag Show Today! KKLA 99.5FM

By Sheryl Lynn Johnson

June 5, 2014

Mike Fabarez from Focal Point Ministries will be interviewed today on the Frank Sontag show. Listen in on KKLA 99.5FM at 5:00 p.m. (Pacific Time). Lifelines for Tough Times - God's Presence and Help When You Hurt, is Mike's new book and the subject matter for today's interview. When tough times hit, we often find ourselves vulnerable—to doubt, fear, worry, even depression. We ask, “Does God care? Has He forgotten me?” So why does God allow suffering? Author Mike Fabarez—who is well acquainted with deep pain himself as the father of a special-needs child and as a pastor who has counseled many through life’s hurts—looks to the truths of Scripture for answers. Along the way, he shares… how complete trust in God alone can restore ... Read More