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Hope Out Loud Prayers: Jen Barrick's New Book & Heartfelt Challenge

By Intern

June 29, 2016

Most of us fumble for the snooze button, unleash a dawn-breaking yawn or engage in long awaited ‘screen time’ during the first moments of our day… Hope Out Loud’s Jen Barrick, rolls out of bed and lands on her knees. According to Jen, beginning each morning in prayer can become the most powerful practice of our daily lives. This simple act of surrender is what inspired Jen Barrick to write her new book: Hope Out Loud Prayers. Filled with daily encouragement and authenticity, Hope Out Loud Prayers addresses real life needs we can lay at the feet of Jesus and reveals the prevailing promises of God we can cling to. Included are Jen’s personal prayer journals, moving quotes and thought-provoking scripture that will minister to ... Read More

Shawn Thornton Writes a Childhood Memoir

By Jessie Jolliff

June 27, 2016

Pastor Shawn Thornton of All Things New shares a bittersweet account of God's grace and mercy in his childhood memoir, "All But Normal." Tyndale Publishers will release the book to the public on July 5. It chronicles Pastor Shawn's childhood growing up with a mom who suffered from a traumatic brain injury. Dirty dishes piled on the countertops, dirty laundry covering the floor, undercooked meat, and burnt cookies were just everyday life for the Thorntons. But when Bev Thornton's violent rages came to a crisis point, authorities stepped in -- and God's grace carried the family through. Throughout July, the All Things New daily radio broadcasts will feature interviews with Pastor Shawn as he shares his family struggles and how God brought hope and victory. ... Read More

Discover the Word's "The Land Between" Series Airs in July

By Jessie Jolliff

June 24, 2016

The warm breezes of summer fill many of us with a desire to travel, to take advantage of fine weather and blue skies by visiting new places. There is one place, though, where no one particularly wants to go: The Land Between. According to Jeff Manion, The Land Between represents a wilderness similar to the one the Israelites found themselves in after the great Exodus. On Discover the Word from July 4 – 15, Mart DeHaan, Elisa Morgan and special guest Jeff Manion explore transitional seasons we all face … including what to do after a job loss, a serious illness or the end of a relationship. Being in The Land Between can be the most spiritually challenging time of our lives. But God is ... Read More

New Summer Devo Spots Now Available

By Intern

June 22, 2016

One of our favorite parts about the hot summer months is releasing fresh, biblical content from Pastor Mike Fabarez and Focal Point Ministries. The 2016 Summer Devotional Spots are now available! This quarter's 60-second spots highlight key teaching points from Pastor Mike. Audio files are available to air throughout July, August and September. Download the audio files from the Focal Point FTP site. They are located in the "Devotional Spots" folder under "Summer 2016." For questions on where to access the files email Focal Point is taking ground for the kingdom of Christ all across the country. Check out a recent example of the difference this program makes in individual lives. Radio listener Mrs. Beaver recently shared… “Thank you Pastor Mike for the message ... Read More

Hope Out Loud Visits RKC Studios

By Intern

June 20, 2016

We were delighted to cap off last week with a memorable visit from the Barrick family of Hope Out Loud. Not only were Andy, Linda, Jen and Josh here to record a new season of inspirational one-minute daily features, they also recorded a brand-new Hope Out Loud special interview program. You won’t want to miss this impactful, standalone interview with the Barrick family as they share God’s redemptive grace over their lives. From tragic car wreck to the ministry of Hope Out Loud, the Barricks tell how God used the unthinkable to establish their unique family radio program that speaks God’s hope into listeners’ lives! Station Managers, look for this Hope Out Loud 26-minute interview this fall. On Sunday, the Barrick family also shared their ... Read More

Thru The Bible Available On AMB-OS

By Intern

June 17, 2016

There’s never been a better time than now for hopping on The Bible Bus. Thru The Bible has joined the Amb-OS broadcasting system as Dr. J Vernon McGee wraps up his teaching in Genesis this June. Another five-year cycle has begun and you’ll have easy access to the daily program, the weekend Q&A program and the weekend Sunday Sermons with Amb-OS. It’s never too late to join Dr. McGee’s five-year journey from Genesis to Revelation. Listeners can hop on and off The Bible Bus anytime, but now’s the perfect time to get on board as Thru The Bible recently kicked off it’s 10th cycle! April marked the beginning of yet another trip into the unique, systematic study of God’s Word as delivered by the legendary ... Read More

New Weekend Edition with Dr. Robert Jeffress

By Jessie Jolliff

June 15, 2016

Pathway to Victory with Dr. Robert Jeffress equips believers with the preserving power of God’s truth. Addressing topics like the power of forgiveness, the exclusivity of Christ, and biblical prophecy in light of global events, Pathway to Victory with Dr. Robert Jeffress encourages Christians to know and apply God’s truth. For years now, the daily radio broadcast of Pathway to Victory has been spreading the good news of Jesus Christ to lost and hurting people, confronting the latest issues in the culture war with God’s truth and equipping the saints to apply Scripture to their everyday lives. And now we’re introducing the Weekend Edition with Dr. Robert Jeffress. Listeners won’t want to miss out on gaining more biblical insights with this bold, new weekend edition. ... Read More

Highpoint Debuts on Moody Radio

By Intern

June 13, 2016

Highpoint Ministries’ Ron Zappia debuts on Moody Radio July 3rd, with two never before aired series. In addition to a fruitful partnership with WYLL AM, Pastor Ron Zappia is excited to add WMBI Moody Radio Chicago to the Highpoint radio portfolio. Captivating the greater Chicago area for Christ for more than 15 years, this 6’6” gospel-proclaiming pastor is releasing two unique and powerful series to radio listeners this July: Sacred Strength and Next Level Faith. Click here to see videos of these programs. Sacred Strength will be airing July 7 through 18, addressing the extra energy boost our culture is desperately seeking. But according to Pastor Ron Zappia, this energy source is not packaged in a wrapper, cup, or bottle. And you can’t purchase it ... Read More