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"Strength For The Journey" with Pastor Shawn Thornton

By Jessie Jolliff

July 29, 2016

This August on All Things New, Pastor Shawn Thornton launches a brand new series titled Strength for the Journey. Throughout the month, Pastor Shawn dives into the story of Joseph and uncovers divine strength for life’s most difficult circumstances. Topics include dealing with generational brokenness, responding to unfairness, and finding strength in God’s overwhelming grace and mercy. Pastor Shawn says, “Joseph embraced grace from God before he extended grace . . . Grace starts with God.” These compelling messages will air August 2 – 23. To add the 25-minute daily program, All Things New to your station line-up visit Read More

Calling All Stations: This Contest is a WIN/WIN

By Intern

July 27, 2016

Walk in the Word’s WEEKEND & WIN contest begins today! Be one of the first 10 stations to sign up to air your first Walk in the Word weekend broadcast and receive your very own Frontiers CD from the Vertical Church Band and Hope Springs Eternal, a brand new message from James MacDonald! To enter, download the sign up form here. Or, sign up with our Media Services Team at (818) 865-0180 or via email at While the Walk in the Word daily and weekend broadcasts go on the road this August, we want to invite you to join in on the fun! Buckle up and don’t forget your Bible, as James MacDonald personally invites men and women from around the globe to join ... Read More

Finishing the Race with Philip De Courcy

By Jessica Suggs

July 25, 2016

This August on Know The Truth, Philip De Courcy begins a brand new series called Across the Finish Line. This in-depth look at the book of Hebrews begins with a program called It’s Worth It. This thought-provoking message jump starts the new series by setting our minds and hearts on the rewards of living for Christ. Philip provides keys for developing a faith that not only endure, but that overcomes the world! Recently we heard from John and Betty, listeners of KPRZ in San Diego, who have been inspired by Philip’s messages. They shared: “We enjoy the truth Pastor Philip shares from God's Word each day. It is so rich and meaningful to us when we hear him preach about being Biblical in light of ... Read More

Nick Vujicic - Your Sales Tag is Priceless

By Jessica Suggs

July 22, 2016

If you've ever struggled with feelings of worthlessness you understand how easy it is to fall victim to negative thoughts. When life presents relentless challenges, or we have to own up to mistakes we've made, the Enemy often uses that little voice in our head to repeat phrases like: No one wants you, values you, or truly loves you. For those of us walking through a difficult season, Nick Vujicic at Life Without Limbs says "Friend ... you are loved! And that is the truth." In the daily Life Without Limbs broadcast titled Your Sales Tag, Nick reminds us we "were bought with a price" by God. Through countless sacrifices recorded in Scripture, God has proven His payment and effectively shown us His receipt. In ... Read More

Ask Pastor Mike: How to Have Victory Over Sin

By Intern

July 20, 2016

Many of us understand the frustration of a reoccurring problem in our lives. From seasonal fruit fly infestations to the tricky toilet that just won’t stay fixed, the only thing worse than dealing with a setback, is dealing with the same setback. As Christians, we know this feeling all too well when it comes to the subject of reoccurring sin. Satan doesn’t have to introduce some far-fetched, fantasy struggle into our lives. He often tempts us with the same thoughts and triggers we’ve either wrestled with in the past or continue to contest on a regular basis. For this reason, Pastor Mike Fabarez of Focal Point answers a question that is heavy on the hearts of men and women from every stage of life: How ... Read More

Invitations From God on Discover the Word

By Jessie Jolliff

July 18, 2016

Most of us enjoy being invited to join friends and family for special occasions and celebrations. BBQ’s, weddings, birthday parties … all provide opportunities to fill our calendar with fun activities. In the busy world we live in, it’s all too easy to fill our schedules to overflowing … saying “yes” to so much that we overload ourselves with commitments. This August, the Discover the Word team welcomes special guest and author, Adele Calhoun, for a two-week series called Invitations From God. In this thought-provoking series Mart De Haan, Elisa Morgan and Adele Calhoun discuss the challenging truth that we may be dismissing or ignoring God’s invitations because we’ve said “yes” to too much already. These daily discussions reignite our desire to say “yes” to ... Read More

James MacDonald Has an Encouraging Word for You

By Intern

July 15, 2016

We are a grieving nation. This month’s latest spew of tragedies has U.S. Americans filled with fear for the future every time we refresh our Facebook feeds. As mass media reveals the violence, despair and cultural decline characterizing our country, worry and weariness have whittled their way into our daily routines. Anxious thoughts carry us throughout the day, tuck us in at night and wake us back up again in the morning. Stress doesn’t take time off during the summer- and it can steal our peace and joy. James MacDonald’s Annual Listener’s Choice Series has a reassuring word of encouragement for everyone this July. This year’s compilation of ALL-STAR Walk in the Word messages will leave listeners with strategies to ‘get out of their own ... Read More

Families in Crisis Conference with Mark Gregston

By Jessie Jolliff

July 13, 2016

Mark Gregston is hosting a Families in Crisis Conference for parents of struggling teens from July 21 – 23. This three-day training retreat is held on the Heartlight Ministries campus in Hallsville, Texas for moms and dads who are at their wit’s end and feel hopeless while watching their teens spin out of control. As the founder of Heartlight, Mark has over thirty years of experience in helping teens at the residential counseling center. The Families in Crisis Conference offers parents hope and guidance by providing practical tips and tools that the Heartlight staff use effectively every day. Parents who attend will walk away with an understanding of the daily steps needed to effect real change in their families; gaining new confidence in dealing with ... Read More