Ask Pastor Mike About the Real Saint Nicholas

By Jessie Jolliff

Dec. 9, 2016

Two figures dominate the Christmas season: One is the historical person of Jesus. The other is a jolly old toymaker in a red suit. But there was a real Saint Nicholas.

Friday, December 9, Focal Point presents a special holiday edition of Ask Pastor Mike. Pastor Mike Fabarez will help separate fact from fiction as we prepare to celebrate Jesus’ birth.

Nearly two centuries after Paul planted the church in Patera, Saint Nicholas was born to Christian parents there. He was raised to know Christ as Savior and to embrace the love of God.

After inheriting his parents’ substantial wealth, Saint Nick became the pastor of the church in Myra (in Turkey). The biographies note his top three characteristics: he was hard-nosed about God’s truth, soft-hearted towards the needs of others, and open-handed when it came to offering his help.

Generosity is the hallmark of this season as we reflect on God’s grace to us, so Pastor Mike is out to uncover the truth that lies beneath the red suit, white beard and jelly belly. Saint Nick was a faithful follower of Christ who modeled a life of generosity.

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