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Forty Days of Prayer with Highpoint

By Intern

Sept. 5, 2016

Friday, August 26th, marked the launch of Highpoint’s brand new teaching series, 40 Days of Prayer. According to Pastor Ron Zappia, “Prayer is the nerve that moves the mighty hand of God.” This powerful statement is at the core of Pastor Ron’s impassioned call to action for the church to get on their knees and call out to Lord. In a world increasingly overcome with turmoil, this series urges those who follow Christ to make prayer the first line of defense against the attacks of the enemy in our own life and the lives of others. Listeners are challenged to stand together and commit to taking this journey of faith, praying intentionally for 40 days. This includes doubling the usual amount of time spent in ... Read More

Ron Zappia: Lessons That Last

By Intern

Aug. 15, 2016

Dad: “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps, boy!” Mom: “Bloom where you are planted, sweetie.” Resentful younger sibling: “Pick on someone your own size!” We hear these common cultural tidbits of advice countless times throughout the years…but how often do we listen to God’s 2 cents concerning our lives? Tomorrow, don’t miss the kickoff of Life Lessons, Pastor Ron Zappia’s new series airing through August 25 on Highpoint. Diving into the story of Jonah, Ron uncovers life lessons that last. Click here to see the bumper video. With a new school year approaching, the end of August marks a time of change and transition. Hectic calendars and endless to do lists often put our hopes and dreams on hold, deferred for quieter days. This radically ... Read More

The Whole WORD to the Whole WORLD

By Intern

Aug. 1, 2016

One globe, One gospel, One God. The holistic Bible teachings of Dr. Vernon McGee not only impacts lives on an individual level, it saves souls on an international level. 66 BOOKS I 119 LANGUAGES & DIALECTS I OVER 160 COUNTRIES When you engage with Thru The Bible ministries, you are not only opening up your own heart to know God, you are opening up opportunities around the globe for many hearts to know God. ‘Taking the whole Word to the whole world’, Dr. McGee’s vision for Thru The Bible still remains the heart of his ministry today. What began as one experimental project to translate Thru The Bible to Spanish in 1973, has now evolved into a flourishing missionary radio movement, accessible in 119 languages ... Read More

Calling All Stations: This Contest is a WIN/WIN

By Intern

July 27, 2016

Walk in the Word’s WEEKEND & WIN contest begins today! Be one of the first 10 stations to sign up to air your first Walk in the Word weekend broadcast and receive your very own Frontiers CD from the Vertical Church Band and Hope Springs Eternal, a brand new message from James MacDonald! To enter, download the sign up form here. Or, sign up with our Media Services Team at (818) 865-0180 or via email at While the Walk in the Word daily and weekend broadcasts go on the road this August, we want to invite you to join in on the fun! Buckle up and don’t forget your Bible, as James MacDonald personally invites men and women from around the globe to join ... Read More

Ask Pastor Mike: How to Have Victory Over Sin

By Intern

July 20, 2016

Many of us understand the frustration of a reoccurring problem in our lives. From seasonal fruit fly infestations to the tricky toilet that just won’t stay fixed, the only thing worse than dealing with a setback, is dealing with the same setback. As Christians, we know this feeling all too well when it comes to the subject of reoccurring sin. Satan doesn’t have to introduce some far-fetched, fantasy struggle into our lives. He often tempts us with the same thoughts and triggers we’ve either wrestled with in the past or continue to contest on a regular basis. For this reason, Pastor Mike Fabarez of Focal Point answers a question that is heavy on the hearts of men and women from every stage of life: How ... Read More

James MacDonald Has an Encouraging Word for You

By Intern

July 15, 2016

We are a grieving nation. This month’s latest spew of tragedies has U.S. Americans filled with fear for the future every time we refresh our Facebook feeds. As mass media reveals the violence, despair and cultural decline characterizing our country, worry and weariness have whittled their way into our daily routines. Anxious thoughts carry us throughout the day, tuck us in at night and wake us back up again in the morning. Stress doesn’t take time off during the summer- and it can steal our peace and joy. James MacDonald’s Annual Listener’s Choice Series has a reassuring word of encouragement for everyone this July. This year’s compilation of ALL-STAR Walk in the Word messages will leave listeners with strategies to ‘get out of their own ... Read More

Highpoint Spreads the Love of Christ Here, There and Everywhere

By Intern

July 11, 2016

Chicago is a record breaking city. Staggering skylines, snow-white winters, and delicious deep-dish pizza make this a metropolis adored by many. But not all of its claims to fame are admirable. Chicago is also infamously known for its crime, poverty and killings. The Chicago Tribune reports there have been 2,026 shooting victims in the city of Chicago so far this year. Someone is shot every 3 hours in Chicago. Pastor Ron Zappia of Highpoint Ministries refuses to sit on the suburban sidelines. This summer, his multi-site church, Harvest, is partnering with various urban churches and ministries to inspire healing in the heart of a broken city. Between last Saturday’s Chicago Regional Worship Summit featuring Harvest-Worship and the new initiative to “adopt-a-block” on the south side ... Read More

Hope Out Loud Prayers: Jen Barrick's New Book & Heartfelt Challenge

By Intern

June 29, 2016

Most of us fumble for the snooze button, unleash a dawn-breaking yawn or engage in long awaited ‘screen time’ during the first moments of our day… Hope Out Loud’s Jen Barrick, rolls out of bed and lands on her knees. According to Jen, beginning each morning in prayer can become the most powerful practice of our daily lives. This simple act of surrender is what inspired Jen Barrick to write her new book: Hope Out Loud Prayers. Filled with daily encouragement and authenticity, Hope Out Loud Prayers addresses real life needs we can lay at the feet of Jesus and reveals the prevailing promises of God we can cling to. Included are Jen’s personal prayer journals, moving quotes and thought-provoking scripture that will minister to ... Read More