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A Special Ministry Update From Chuck Swindoll

By Jessica Suggs

Aug. 8, 2016

On Monday August 8, Chuck Swindoll sat down with Roger Kemp to provide an important ministry update called "Where We Stand." This conversation follows an earliier broadcast in which Chuck strongly appealed to the audience of Insight for Living to rescue the non-profit organization from a financial emergency. Chuck openly shares the encouraging response from loyal listeners and also describes the final stages for occupying the ministry's first international headquarters in Frisco, Texas. Be sure to listen to Monday's broadcast in its entirety on your local radio station, or by visiting Insight for Living's website at Read More

I Mustache You A Question - Weekly Insight From Mark Gregston

By Jessica Suggs

Aug. 5, 2016

Being a parent can feel like an isolating endeavor. Often the questions moms and dads have far outweigh the answers. Without a solid support system, they're left muddling through challenging family issues on their own. Every Wednesday, Mark Gregston of Parenting Today's Teens responds to these pressing questions in an online ministry called I Mustache You a Question: Q&A with Mark Gregston. These weekly Q&A dialogues provide moms and dads a place to go with their most difficult child-rearing quandries. Read the latest Q&A, and access the archived dialogues here. With more than 40 years experience working with teens and their families, Mark Gregston brings an insightful, fresh perspective to moms and dads at their wits' end. His weekend 25-minute broadcast, Parenting Today's Teens, features ... Read More

Finishing the Race with Philip De Courcy

By Jessica Suggs

July 25, 2016

This August on Know The Truth, Philip De Courcy begins a brand new series called Across the Finish Line. This in-depth look at the book of Hebrews begins with a program called It’s Worth It. This thought-provoking message jump starts the new series by setting our minds and hearts on the rewards of living for Christ. Philip provides keys for developing a faith that not only endure, but that overcomes the world! Recently we heard from John and Betty, listeners of KPRZ in San Diego, who have been inspired by Philip’s messages. They shared: “We enjoy the truth Pastor Philip shares from God's Word each day. It is so rich and meaningful to us when we hear him preach about being Biblical in light of ... Read More

Nick Vujicic - Your Sales Tag is Priceless

By Jessica Suggs

July 22, 2016

If you've ever struggled with feelings of worthlessness you understand how easy it is to fall victim to negative thoughts. When life presents relentless challenges, or we have to own up to mistakes we've made, the Enemy often uses that little voice in our head to repeat phrases like: No one wants you, values you, or truly loves you. For those of us walking through a difficult season, Nick Vujicic at Life Without Limbs says "Friend ... you are loved! And that is the truth." In the daily Life Without Limbs broadcast titled Your Sales Tag, Nick reminds us we "were bought with a price" by God. Through countless sacrifices recorded in Scripture, God has proven His payment and effectively shown us His receipt. In ... Read More

What's a Christian To Do? Fresh, Relevant Content from Dr. Robert Jeffress

By Jessica Suggs

July 6, 2016

At this historic time in our nation’s history, American Christians face a vital question: What Now? Never in recent history have Christians been more discouraged and fearful about our country’s future. Economic uncertainty, immorality, terrorism and global turmoil have convinced many that we are living in the twilight days of America. That feeling that “something is not right in our country” is common for all Christians. Dr. Rober Jeffress addresses these relevant and timely concerns in his newly updated best-selling book, Twilight’s Last Gleaming. Throughout the month of July, Dr. Robert Jeffress demonstrates that although we cannot prevent America’s eventual demise, we can delay it … and make a difference for eternity at the same time. For everyone who wonders what can be done right ... Read More

The Truth Behind Independence Day

By Jessica Suggs

July 4, 2016

The 4th of July is more than pools, picnics and fireworks. It's the day citizens of the United States remember and celebrate our nation's forefather's signing of the Declaration of Independence. The freedom we enjoy now, leads back to that fateful day, July 4, 1776. Today on In The Market with Janet Parshall, Janet takes a fresh look at who American patriot Paul Revere really was and uncovers the true story of his midnght ride. She'll also examine the spiritual life of George Washington ... and discuss what he referred to as "Sacred Fire." To listen to today's LIVE BROADCAST click here. Or find a station in your area by clicking here. In her winsome style, Janet Parshall challenges listeners to examine issues being debated ... Read More

In the Market with Janet Parshall: A Memorial Day Guest to Remember

By Jessica Suggs

June 8, 2016

Recently Janet Parshall posted the above graphic on her Twitter account, @parshalltalk. She shared, “So glad my granddaughter gets what Memorial Day is all about!!” Janet’s Granddaughter isn’t the only one who got a taste of freedom this past Memorial Day. Amidst all the barbeques and boat rides of the Memorial Day celebration, Janet reminded the thousands of listeners who tune into her program every day of what it truly means to be a faith warrior. Pioneering through pertinent news stories with a refreshingly biblical perspective, Janet Parshall invites noteworthy speakers into the heated discussions of today’s culture. On May 30th, listeners of In the Market with Janet Parshall enjoyed a special treat, as Janet welcomed Robert Vera, author of ‘A Warrior’s Faith,’ to the ... Read More

RKC Welcomes Highpoint Ministries

By Jessica Suggs

May 24, 2016

Please join us in welcoming Highpoint Ministries as one of the newest additions to the RKC family!This 26-minute daily radio program features the teaching ministry of Ron Zappia, lead pastor of Harvest Naperville, a multi-site church located just outside of Chicago, Illinois.The mission of this media ministry is to help ordinary people elevate their faith through a daily encounter with God.Listeners can expect to be encouraged, challenged, and refreshed by Ron's honest and impassioned preaching.A graduate of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Ron was the first church-planting pastor of the Harvest Bible Fellowship.Today, he serves as chairman for the Harvest Bible Fellowship and has become a pastor to pastors, sending out and supporting multiple church plants across the country. To add this daily broadcast to your ... Read More