Barbara Follis of Words to Live By Visits RKC

By Jessie Jolliff

June 30, 2017

This past month Kemp and Company had the privilege of hosting Barbara Follis of Words to Live By for a record session in the RKC studio.   Over the span of a few days, Barbara recorded several new interview testimonies that will be featured in upcoming Words to Live By broadcasts.

Studio guests included Nickelodeon cartoonist Butch Hartman and wife, Julieann (in the photo above); Holocaust survivor Yola Entz; Zoro, the Drummer, and many others who were eager to share their stories of how Jesus Christ has transformed their lives.

Pictured above: Yola Entez with Barbara Follis at RKC Studio.

Barbara warmly greeted each guest with bags of goodies from her home office at Our Daily Bread Ministries, in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Many people don’t even realize the impact of Our Daily Bread Ministries and it’s made-for-radio programming which includes Words to Live By, the Our Daily Bread radio short feature, and the interactive radio Bible class called Discover the Word.

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Our Daily Bread Ministries has a global presence that is aimed directly at sharing the life bread of God’s Word, the good news about Jesus Christ.

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Quarterly Our Daily Bread Direct Response Spots are also available to air.  These audio vignettes encourage Bible engagement through the daily reading of Scripture.

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