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Discover The Character of a Leader with Dr. John Townsend and Discover the Word

By Julianna Keck

Sept. 18, 2017

“Are leaders born … or are they made?” We are all leaders … in our families, with our friends, in our place of work, and in our churches. But that doesn’t necessarily mean effective leadership comes naturally. This week, from September 18–22, author and psychologist Dr. John Townsend will join the Discover the Word team to discuss The Character of a Leader. This series explores how crucial character is to building a strong leadership style. Throughout the study, Townsend and the Discover the Word Team provide four, tangible skills to help listeners lead well within their spheres of influence. Brian Hettinga sets the stage for compelling content in this video teaser: Our Daily Bread Ministries has designed a number of graphics to help promote The ... Read More

Discover the Word Will Put Your Concept of Temptation on Trial

By Jessie Jolliff

Aug. 1, 2017

This week, Discover the Word hosts, Elisa Morgan, Bill Crowder and Mart DeHaan are bringing the biblical account of The Temptation of Jesus to the table for a fascinating examination of the 40 days He spent in the wilderness being tempted by Satan. Temptation is oft envisioned as something that sneaks up on Christians and catches us in a moment of weakness. The account found in Luke 4, however, is quite contrary to that assumption. Jesus was not surprised or tested in a moment of weakness. Rather, He was “led by the Spirit” into the wilderness to face the Enemy. Jesus, having just been baptized, was declared “full of the Holy Spirit” … and then was led into temptation in the desert. Coincidence? With the ... Read More

Ann Voskamp's "Broken Way" on Discover the Word

By Jessie Jolliff

Jan. 20, 2017

The Discover the Word team is currently featuring a fascinating discussion with author, Ann Voskamp, on her new book, “The Broken Way.” Ann shared with the team she hopes this series “breaks a lot of people free from being afraid of broken things … [because] suffering is never a meaningless waste of your life but a meaningful way through your life.” This gripping two-week series is accompanied by several videos and interviews with Ann Voskamp and the Discover the Word team in the studio. Check out these videos posted on the DTW Facebook page. Members of the Our Daily Bread Ministries leadership team, along with Words to Live By host, Barbara Follis, will be in attendance at NRB Proclaim 17 this coming February. They would ... Read More

New Christmas Spots from Discover the Word

By Jessica Suggs

Dec. 3, 2016

The Discover the Word team has recorded fresh, encouraging Christmas greetings for you to share with your listeners. Download these audio spots from our website: Also in December, Our Daily Bread Minsistries is highlighting a seasonal Gift of Grace campaign. The Discover the Word team will unravel a unique perspective of the Christmas story from the book of John during the week that leads up to Christmas. In their series, Christmas Grace, Elisa Morgan, Bill Crowder and Mart DeHaan suggest that sometimes it takes multiple points of view to make sense of a story. Listeners will discover how God’s grace is evident both in the Old Testament, as well as through the life and death of His son, Jesus. Also, per tradition, the last ... Read More

Carrying Our Friends to Christ on Discover the Word

By Jessie Jolliff

Oct. 12, 2016

Last Fall, Discover the Word held a 4th Chair contest in which two avid listeners received an all-expense-paid trip to a studio session in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We’re excited to share that this Thursday and Friday, October 13 and 14, the Discover the Word broadcasts will feature both contest winners, Michelle and Greg. They join the team in the series based on March chapter 2 titled “Carrying our Friends to Christ." Watch the series promotional video here: Invite your listeners to join the conversation when you sign up to air the 15-minute daily broadcast, Discover the Word. Call our Media Services Team at (818) 865-0180 or email us at Read More

Discover the Word Hosts a Listener Contest

By Jessie Jolliff

Sept. 2, 2016

Throughout the month of September, Discover the Word is hosting a listener contest. Taking inspiration from Psalm 27:8, “My hearts says of you, ‘Seek His face!’ Your face, Lord, I will seek,” listeners will be invited to take a picture of a person, place or thing that reflects God’s presence in their lives. Each of the three winners will receive a prize pack comprised of one signed book from each host (three books total), a Discover the Word mug & pen, an Our Daily Bread tote bag and the “Go Deeper” Discover the Word compilation CD. Stations are invited to help get the word out about this special promotion! Web banners promoting the contest are available for us on your station website and social media ... Read More

Invitations From God on Discover the Word

By Jessie Jolliff

July 18, 2016

Most of us enjoy being invited to join friends and family for special occasions and celebrations. BBQ’s, weddings, birthday parties … all provide opportunities to fill our calendar with fun activities. In the busy world we live in, it’s all too easy to fill our schedules to overflowing … saying “yes” to so much that we overload ourselves with commitments. This August, the Discover the Word team welcomes special guest and author, Adele Calhoun, for a two-week series called Invitations From God. In this thought-provoking series Mart De Haan, Elisa Morgan and Adele Calhoun discuss the challenging truth that we may be dismissing or ignoring God’s invitations because we’ve said “yes” to too much already. These daily discussions reignite our desire to say “yes” to ... Read More

"For God So Loved" at Our Daily Bread Ministries

By Jessie Jolliff

Dec. 11, 2015

"For God so love the world that he gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life." - John 3:16. John 3:16 is one of the most beloved and well-known verses in all of Scripture; it encapsulates the Gospel message in just a few words. And this Christmas season, Our Daily Bread Ministries is celebrating just how much God loves the world with their ministry-wide campaign, “For God So Loved.” On the new “For God So Loved” page, listeners are invited to “tag” friends to receive personalized graphics to share on Facebook or through email. They can also request a special “For God So Loved” edition of Our Daily Bread, or sign-up for a 10-day reading ... Read More