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Ron Zappia: Lessons That Last

By Intern

Aug. 15, 2016

Dad: “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps, boy!” Mom: “Bloom where you are planted, sweetie.” Resentful younger sibling: “Pick on someone your own size!” We hear these common cultural tidbits of advice countless times throughout the years…but how often do we listen to God’s 2 cents concerning our lives? Tomorrow, don’t miss the kickoff of Life Lessons, Pastor Ron Zappia’s new series airing through August 25 on Highpoint. Diving into the story of Jonah, Ron uncovers life lessons that last. Click here to see the bumper video. With a new school year approaching, the end of August marks a time of change and transition. Hectic calendars and endless to do lists often put our hopes and dreams on hold, deferred for quieter days. This radically ... Read More

Highpoint Spreads the Love of Christ Here, There and Everywhere

By Intern

July 11, 2016

Chicago is a record breaking city. Staggering skylines, snow-white winters, and delicious deep-dish pizza make this a metropolis adored by many. But not all of its claims to fame are admirable. Chicago is also infamously known for its crime, poverty and killings. The Chicago Tribune reports there have been 2,026 shooting victims in the city of Chicago so far this year. Someone is shot every 3 hours in Chicago. Pastor Ron Zappia of Highpoint Ministries refuses to sit on the suburban sidelines. This summer, his multi-site church, Harvest, is partnering with various urban churches and ministries to inspire healing in the heart of a broken city. Between last Saturday’s Chicago Regional Worship Summit featuring Harvest-Worship and the new initiative to “adopt-a-block” on the south side ... Read More

Highpoint Debuts on Moody Radio

By Intern

June 13, 2016

Highpoint Ministries’ Ron Zappia debuts on Moody Radio July 3rd, with two never before aired series. In addition to a fruitful partnership with WYLL AM, Pastor Ron Zappia is excited to add WMBI Moody Radio Chicago to the Highpoint radio portfolio. Captivating the greater Chicago area for Christ for more than 15 years, this 6’6” gospel-proclaiming pastor is releasing two unique and powerful series to radio listeners this July: Sacred Strength and Next Level Faith. Click here to see videos of these programs. Sacred Strength will be airing July 7 through 18, addressing the extra energy boost our culture is desperately seeking. But according to Pastor Ron Zappia, this energy source is not packaged in a wrapper, cup, or bottle. And you can’t purchase it ... Read More

RKC Welcomes Highpoint Ministries

By Jessica Suggs

May 24, 2016

Please join us in welcoming Highpoint Ministries as one of the newest additions to the RKC family!This 26-minute daily radio program features the teaching ministry of Ron Zappia, lead pastor of Harvest Naperville, a multi-site church located just outside of Chicago, Illinois.The mission of this media ministry is to help ordinary people elevate their faith through a daily encounter with God.Listeners can expect to be encouraged, challenged, and refreshed by Ron's honest and impassioned preaching.A graduate of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Ron was the first church-planting pastor of the Harvest Bible Fellowship.Today, he serves as chairman for the Harvest Bible Fellowship and has become a pastor to pastors, sending out and supporting multiple church plants across the country. To add this daily broadcast to your ... Read More