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An Evening with Mark Gregston in Yuma, AZ

By Julianna Keck

Sept. 20, 2017

Parents often feel alone and frustrated, like they have nowhere to turn … or those they turn to don’t have any helpful answers! An Evening with Mark Gregston from Parenting Today’s Teens is an event designed to give moms and dads an opportunity to meet parents walking a similar journey and hear Mark’s insightful instruction for dealing with teens in today’s challenging culture. Last month, nearly 200 parents and grandparents spent An Evening with Mark Gregston in Yuma, Arizona. Melissa, an avid Parenting Today’s Teens listener, witnessed first hand how Mark Gregston’s guidance impacted her own family. Prior to the event in Yuma, she urged her Facebook friends to make this night a priority: “To all of my Yuma, Arizona friends and family – make ... Read More

"Your Teen's Selfishness" and a Mom's Response

By Jessie Jolliff

April 21, 2017

Parenting Today’s Teens is a radio ministry that meets families right where they’re at, in the toughest years of their lives. Raising teenagers is no cake-walk, especially in this climate of culturally-accepted hyper-selfishness. Mark Gregston’s expert parenting advice has never been more needed, and many families have found their way back to a peaceful home life through Mark’s practical guidance. The ripple effect of Mark’s passion for helping parents and teens is too vast to be measured, but we get a small glimpse of where it’s going, and who has been changed, when we hear from listeners. Mitzi is a single mom who was heartily moved by the article, “Your Teen’s Selfishness,” from Mark’s blog. To read it, click here. Mitzi wrote this message to ... Read More

The Best NRB Convention Yet

By Jessica Suggs

March 10, 2017

Welcome home! By now most of us have made it home from the 2017 National Religious Broadcasters convention in Orlando, Florida. We say this every year but it still holds true, this was the best convention yet! It was a joy catching up with our ministry partners and station representatives that serve tirelessly for the sake of the Gospel. If you're missing that warm Orlando sunshine right about now, sit back, relax, and let these snapshots take you back to the fun times we shared. The RKC Annual Ministry Partner Reception was the perfect kick off to the week's festivities. Not to be outdone by the NRB Awards, Roger Kemp honored our beloved ministries with the prestigious RKC Golden Mic Award. It's a tradition in ... Read More

Meet Us at the Mic

By Jessie Jolliff

Jan. 31, 2017

This year, when you drop by the RKC Los Angeles suite at NRB 2017, you'll have the opportunity to meet our ministry partners -- nationally known Bible teachers and radio hosts who represent some of the finest programs in Christian media.You can also request to interview a number of these esteemed Bible teachers in the RKC traveling studio -- complete with sound engineer. In attendance this year at NRB will be:Philip De Courcy of Know The TruthMark Gregston of Parenting Today's TeensDr. Robert Jeffress of Pathway to VictoryTodd Nettleton of NRB award-winning The Voice of the MartyrsRon Zappia of Highpoint MinistriesDr. Bryan Chapell of the NEW Unlimited Grace Media ministryShawn Thornton of All Things NewBarbara Follis of Words To Live By Availability is limited, so ... Read More

Interview Mark Gregston at NRB 2017

By Jessie Jolliff

Jan. 31, 2017

Recently Marianne, a Parenting Today's Teens listener, shared her story with us: Dear Mark, you don’t know me – or my child. But you have counseled us, prayed for us, and loved us with your ministry. I have benefitted more from your advice and wise counsel than I have from the countless counselors, pastors, and friends who have given us the best they have to offer … without the wisdom that you have in actually working with these kids. You helped “back up” what God was gently speaking to me. I just wanted to say “THANK YOU” for what you are doing! Bless you, Mark. Because of the ministry of Parenting Today’s Teens and station partnerships, Marianne, like so many other moms and dads, dares ... Read More

Mark Gregston: Impacting Generations, One Family at a Time

By Jessie Jolliff

Nov. 11, 2016

Recently, CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network) News did a feature story on Heartlight Ministries, the counseling center behind Mark Gregston’s Parenting Today’s Teens programs. It features the ministry’s story, sound bites from teens, and beautiful landscape shots of the Heartlight campus. To take a virtual tour of the Heartlight campus, and see the incredible impact Mark Gregston and his team is having on families click here Teens need their parents now more than ever. You can share Mark’s hope and guidance with the families in your community when you add the daily and weekend editions of Parenting Today’s Teens to your station’s lineup. Listen to program samples. Call our Media Services Team at (818) 865-0180 or email to sign up today! Read More

Back-To-School with Mark Gregston of Parenting Today's Teens

By Jessica Suggs

Sept. 6, 2016

Parents all across the country are in the midst of sending their kids back to school. And for many moms and dads, a new school year comes with a number of deep-seated worries and anxieties. This September, Mark Gregston shares poignant insights on how to navigate back-to-school growing pains. On the weekend edition of Parenting Today's Teens, Mark emphasizes that grades are measurable, but they do not measure the value of a child. He also discusses the paramount necessity of taking the time to connect and continue building the parent-child relationship. "I've never met a 'bad kid' ... just kids who are lost or who have made some poort decisions." -Mark Gregston Fostering relationships with their teens can help parents gain a better understanding of ... Read More

I Mustache You A Question - Weekly Insight From Mark Gregston

By Jessica Suggs

Aug. 5, 2016

Being a parent can feel like an isolating endeavor. Often the questions moms and dads have far outweigh the answers. Without a solid support system, they're left muddling through challenging family issues on their own. Every Wednesday, Mark Gregston of Parenting Today's Teens responds to these pressing questions in an online ministry called I Mustache You a Question: Q&A with Mark Gregston. These weekly Q&A dialogues provide moms and dads a place to go with their most difficult child-rearing quandries. Read the latest Q&A, and access the archived dialogues here. With more than 40 years experience working with teens and their families, Mark Gregston brings an insightful, fresh perspective to moms and dads at their wits' end. His weekend 25-minute broadcast, Parenting Today's Teens, features ... Read More