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Parenting Today's Teens - NRB 2014 Radio Program of the Year

By Jessica Suggs

Dec. 12, 2013

We are pleased to announce that Parenting Today's Teens with Mark Gregston has been chosen as the National Religious Broadcasters 2014 Radio Program of the Year! Criteria to become the Radio Program of the Year includes being "...a program that impacts the listener by being compelling, relevant, informative, personable and entertaining, while demonstrating an authentic Christian faith." Not a day passes when Mark and the Parenting Today's Teens crew doesn't hear from an appreciative parent who depends on the radio program for direction, wisdom and biblical counsel. Like this listener, Stacie, who recently shared with Mark ... "I did not transition well from parenting little ones to tweens and now a teenager. I thank God for your program that will enable me to have the ... Read More

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Parenting Today's Teens and the Lonestar Cowboy Christmas Festival

By Jessica Suggs

Nov. 13, 2013

Join Mark Gregston and the Parenting Today's Teens crew for the 9th Annual Lonestar Cowboy Christmas Festival. Taking place December 5, 6 and 7 in Longview, Texas, this annual tradition is the hallmark fundraising event of the year, and helps bring the daily and weekly Parenting Today's Teens broadcasts to stations all across the country. For more information on this special event go online to Read More

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Generic Promos and Holiday Spots from Mark Gregston of Parenting Today's Teens

By Jessica Suggs

Oct. 28, 2013

Mark Greston of Parenting Today's Teens has recently recorded fresh, upbeat spots for your radio station. In addition to brand new generic spots promoting the weekend broadcast on your station ... Mark has recorded encouraging Thanksgiving and Christmas greetings to air throughout the months of November and December. To add the general program spots or holiday greetings to your station's rotation, please contact us by email at On behalf of Mark Gregston and the entire Parenting Today's Teens team, thank you for your partnership. Happy Holidays! Read More

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Mark Gregston Interviews Special Guests in the Kemp and Company Studio

By Jessica Suggs

Oct. 14, 2013

Expressing yourself over the phone doesn’t always foster strong relationships. So much can get lost in translation! It’s when you sit across the table, enjoying that one-on-one connection that the most meaningful conversations emerge. On September 3rd, Kemp and Company had the pleasure of hosting Mark Gregston for a studio session. Throughout the day special guests arrived at the studio, connecting face-to-face with Mark. The result is some of Parenting Today’s Teens strongest programs yet! Listeners will enjoy the fresh new voices, helpful dialogue, and high-end production quality these in-person interviews provide. Mark inteviews special guest Dee Dee Mayer Parenting Today's Teens is a weekly half-hour and daily :60 broadcast dedicated to guiding parents through the turbulent teen years. For more than 30 years, Mark ... Read More

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Parenting Today's Teens Distribution Update

By Jessica Suggs

Sept. 26, 2013

Distribution Update New FTP Password Earlier this week we sent notification to stations that a new password is required in order to access Parenting Today's Teens daily and weekly broadcasts via the FTP site. If you access the programs via FTP and did not receive this notice, please contact our office immediately to obtain the new password information. Ask for Jessica Suggs or Kristina Fucci when you call (818) 865-0180 or email Amb-OS will continue to be the primary distribution method for both programs. To learn more about Mark Gregston and the daily and weekly Parenting Today's Teens broadcasts go to Read More

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Parenting Today's Teens Mark Gregston Welcomes New Granddaughter

By Jessica Suggs

Aug. 7, 2013

On August 2, 2013, Mark and Jan Gregston welcomed their new granddaughter into the world. Carter Avery Gregston was born at 7:56 a.m. weighing in at 6 lb 9 oz. When Mark introduced her to the world via Facebook this past Sunday, he remarked ... "Can I introduce my new granddaughter to you. She's Carter Avery and is my son's second child. One day she will be a teen ... (sigh) ..." Proud parents, Adam and Nicole Gregston are also involved in working with Heartlight Ministries and Parenting Today's Teens. Read More

Dealing with Tragedy, by Mark Gregston

By Jessica Suggs

April 19, 2013

It was a beautiful day for a run. Though the Boston Marathon is by invitation only, the runners assembled were not your superstar athletes, but rather your typical moms, dads, accountants, firemen, grandpas, grandmas, students and scholars. They were average people who, through hard work and dedication, had earned the opportunity to run through the streets of the city. But before many of them made it to the finish line, the goal that these runners had spent years preparing for, the bombs went off and a senseless and mindless tragedy changed the course of the race forever. In the aftermath of the attack at the Boston Marathon, people across the country are in a state shock, fear, anger and apprehension. The horrific images are burned ... Read More

7th Annual Lonestar Cowboy Christmas Festival

By Sheryl Lynn Johnson

Nov. 26, 2012

The 7th annual Lonestar Cowboy Christmas will be held at the Belcher Center on Friday night, November 30th in Longview, TX. The concert will boast an applausable line up of Tracy Byrd and Michael Martin Murphey. We hope that you will join us for this wonderful tradition. To purchase your tickets, visit or call (903) 233-3080. All proceeds benefit Heartlight Ministries Foundation and Parenting Today's Teens. Thank you for your support. Read More