Chuck Swindoll Sits Down with Roger Kemp to Discuss The Great Commission

By Meredith Reiten

June 22, 2018

On Tuesday, June 19, 2018, Insight for Living featured a special interview broadcast wrapping up Chuck Swindoll’s sermon series on the Great Commission.

Roger Kemp joined Pastor Chuck in the studio to recap the series … and shed light on the importance of the Great Commission to 21st Century followers of Christ.

Chuck Swindoll gives vision and leadership to a global ministry, which has multiplied exponentially since its inception in 1979.  And as Roger puts it, he runs the ministry as though he was still 30 years old

Chuck shares that Jesus’ command to believers through the Great Commission has helped him maintain his zeal for ministry after all these years, and more importantly, that this command is for anyone and everyone who claims Jesus as Savior…

No one gets a pass on the Great Commission… when Jesus

gave this command, he did not limit his audience.”

–Chuck Swindoll

The interview concludes with a challenge from Chuck to not only follow along what God is doing through Insight for Living as a ministry, but to “take up the torch” and live out the Great Commission boldly in our own lives.

If you or your listeners weren’t able to catch the interview, it is available for streaming on the Insight for Living website today.

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