Janet Parshall at Cry Out '16

By Jessie Jolliff

Sept. 30, 2016

Janet Parshall, host of In the Market, was a featured speaker and prayer warrior at Cry Out ‘16, a nationwide prayer event for women. Many were energized by her call to fervent prayer.

Here are a couple of comments from attendees:

“You were fabulous Friday night, Janet. I listened on Moody radio and what a blessed time those three hours were!!! God is doing mighty works among us as He hears our cry!”

- Pattie W.

“Thank you, Janet! I was so blessed, encouraged and challenged by your teaching on Friday at the Cry Out ’16 conference about consistent, insistent and persistent prayers to our Great, Just Judge – our marvelous LORD!”

- Isabel B.

“Discouragement is the #1 tool of Satan! Thank you for sharing your mama’s words!! What a blessing to hear you speak in person!!”

- Leanne H.

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