Dave Spiker Celebrates 20 Years with Insight for Living

By Jessie Jolliff

April 7, 2017

This past week we celebrated a huge milestone for broadcasting veteran Dave Spiker as he celebrated his 20th year as Insight for Living’s on air announcer.

Insight for Living has long been revered for the rich, truth-filled Bible teaching of Chuck Swindoll, but there is no question that Chuck and Dave are a dynamic duo! For the past 20 years, Dave’s inviting voice and sincere tone has given listeners everywhere the feeling that he and Chuck are speaking directly to them—as if sitting right across the table! 

Listeners aren’t the only fans of Spiker—fellow radio professionals regard his work as well. Cliff Zellman, a former colleague of Dave, writes, “Dave has that smooth inviting voice I would kill for. His interpretation of copy is spot on, his audio quality and attention to detail exceeds industry standards.”

Dave Spiker is, without a doubt, a key player in the world of radio and we know that God will continue to impact lives through him for years to come.

Our team at RKC is thrilled to begin a new season in our partnership with Insight for Living just in time for Dave’s 20th anniversary!

Congratulations, Dave! It is an honor to work with you.