Discover The Word Has a Place for You

By Jessica Suggs

April 28, 2015

These days, the word "religion" has a bad rap. For some, it invokes pictures of stale institutions rather than dynamic relationships. This May, Denver Seminary president Dr. Mark Young will join Mart DeHaan and Elisa Morgan in a special weeklong series on Discover the Word.

In this thought-provoking study of James 1, the group will redefine the word "religion" and challenge listeners to live out "pure religion," which happens when your actions match your beliefs.

The remainder of the month, the daily 15-minute discussions on Discover the Word will focus on topics men and women around the globe encouter regularly, like dealing with disappointment, uncovering the true source of hope, and finding encouragement so you can then encourage others.

Whether at the kitchen table, in the workplace, or driving alone in the car, Discover the Word always has an extra chair welcoming listeners to join the discussion.

To sign up to air Discover the Word on your station, contact Jessica Suggs or Melissa Carlson at or by filling out this sign-up form.  Audition program samples here.