Easter at Highpoint Church

By Jessie Jolliff

April 21, 2017

Easter Sunday is one of the biggest days on the calendar for followers of God as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and the salvation we have because of Him.

This year was extra special for Pastor Ron Zappia and his team as the holiday marked the official launch of the churches’ new name, Highpoint Church.                

The new name will serve as an umbrella for the three church campuses in Naperville, North Aurora, and Bolingbrook, Illinois. This is an exciting step for the ministry, as it will unify Pastor Ron’s radio broadcast, Highpoint, with the multi-site church, allowing local listeners to easily identify the church and make it home, if they haven’t found a church community already. 

Get a glimpse into Highpoint Church’s “first” gathering on Easter Sunday by watching this video: click here.

The heart behind Ron Zappia’s radio ministry is a desire to see people engage with God on a deep and personal level. The ministry’s main goal is to help believers elevate their faith to the point where time spent with the Lord is the high point of their day.      

Whether it’s during the morning commute to work, or at a church gathering in Naperville, North Aurora, or Bolingbrook, the inspiring teaching of Pastor Ron Zappia is pointing thousands to Jesus, their true high point every day. 

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