Exclusive Beauty Marks Weekend Broadcast Now Available

By Julianna Keck

Dec. 4, 2017

In His darkest moment, Jesus called on the Lord. His words on the cross convey powerful truths that can transform our darkest moments.

Drawing from Jesus' words on the cross, Linda Barrick of Hope Out Loud provides fresh, insightful content in a brand new 25-minute stand-alone radio broadcast.

Based on her recent book release, Beauty Marks: Healing Your Wounded Heart, Linda shares practical, biblical tools and encouragement that influenced her own healing in the aftermath of a devastating car accident more than ten years ago.

God desires to transform our emotional and physical scars into Beauty Marks.

Just like Linda, we have all been wounded. Whether our scars are visible or hidden deep within our hearts, we can experience hope, joy, and purpose amidst our suffering.

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Bring your listeners the life-changing encouragement of Hope Out Loud!

This 25-minute interview broadcast is evergreen and can be aired at any time ... perfect for airing in your weekend program line-up.

Also available from the Barrick Family ...

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Barrick Family Interview - 25-Minute Stand-Alone
Request program access today!  Email the RKC Media Services Team at info@kempandcompany.cc, or call (818) 865-0180.