Families in Crisis Conference with Mark Gregston

By Jessie Jolliff

July 13, 2016

Mark Gregston is hosting a Families in Crisis Conference for parents of struggling teens from July 21 – 23. This three-day training retreat is held on the Heartlight Ministries campus in Hallsville, Texas for moms and dads who are at their wit’s end and feel hopeless while watching their teens spin out of control.

As the founder of Heartlight, Mark has over thirty years of experience in helping teens at the residential counseling center. The Families in Crisis Conference offers parents hope and guidance by providing practical tips and tools that the Heartlight staff use effectively every day. Parents who attend will walk away with an understanding of the daily steps needed to effect real change in their families; gaining new confidence in dealing with their sons and daughters.

Mark Gregston offers Families in Crisis Conferences periodically throughout the year.  Find other events on his calendar by clicking here.

Parenting Today’s Teens daily and weekly radio broadcasts are an extension of Mark’s mission to encourage and equip parents with the tools to guide their teens through some of the most difficult years of their lives. In the daily and weekly programs, Mark addresses the real problems affecting teens and their families today.