FEBC Celebrates 1,000 Episodes

By Meredith Reiten

Nov. 23, 2018

This holiday season, there’s certainly much to be thankful for. And today, Far East Broadcasting Company is thankful to be celebrating an exciting milestone… its 1,000th program!

Since its inception in 1945, FEBC has been crossing borders and breaking down barriers, sharing the Good News with the world through the latest technologies.

Today, the program can be heard in more than 100 languages and in nearly 50 countries—touching millions of lives throughout Asia, Central Asia, Southeast Asia and Eurasia.

FEBC president, Ed Cannon says…

"The FEBC mission is clear: One message: the truth of salvation through Jesus Christ, proclaiming the Gospel boldly for over 70 years, to the most unreached places of the Earth. And that will never change."

Echoing Cannon’s articulation of the FEBC mission, listener Aikhana in Kazakstan weighs in on how FEBC has impacted her own life... 

"I am a regular listener and I learn a lot from the programs. FEBC radio is revealing God to listeners."

We cherish sentiments like Aikhana's and look forward to the many testimonies that will come with the next 1,000 episodes.

FEBC Today is a 2-minute daily program crafted through creative storytelling to capture the imaginations of listeners around the world to hear the encouraging and inspiring stories of courageous Christians. To learn more about this ministry, visit https://www.febc.org/learn-about-us.