Finishing the Race with Philip De Courcy

By Jessica Suggs

July 25, 2016

This August on Know The Truth, Philip De Courcy begins a brand new series called Across the Finish Line.

This in-depth look at the book of Hebrews begins with a program called It’s Worth It. This thought-provoking message jump starts the new series by setting our minds and hearts on the rewards of living for Christ. Philip provides keys for developing a faith that not only endure, but that overcomes the world!

Recently we heard from John and Betty, listeners of KPRZ in San Diego, who have been inspired by Philip’s messages. They shared:

We enjoy the truth Pastor Philip shares from God's Word each day. It is so rich and meaningful to us when we hear him preach about being Biblical in light of the cultural mores and challenges we face as Christians.”

With boldness, clarity and conviction, Philip De Courcy strives to stay true to Scripture while keeping his messages practical and relevant for his vast audience.  

We are also pleased to announce that monthly Promotional Packets are now available for Know The Truth. Download the packet for the month of August here.

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