Focal Point Celebrates 20 Years of Radio Ministry!

By Julianna Keck

July 27, 2018

This past week, Focal Point Ministries celebrated its twentieth year of radio ministry!

The ministry took to Facebook to share,

“We are thankful to God that we have been able to minister to listeners over the air waves over the years. Praying that God allows us to broadcast for many more to come.”

The Bible teaching of Mike Fabarez was first aired on a small Los Angeles radio station on July 24, 1998. Since that humble beginning, the ministry has experienced immense growth and can now be heard on approximately 800 stations nationwide!

Both engaging and gripping, the broadcast consistently points listeners to Jesus Christ. Focal Point remains committed to using the platform God has given them to explore and proclaim the depths of Scripture.


The ministry was encouraged by well wishes from radio listeners near and far over the past couple of days. We’ve included a handful of comments that give a snapshot of the impact the ministry is making in the lives of countless men and women across the country!

Happy Birthday! So thankful to have been one of those listeners over the last few years! Here’s looking forward to the NEXT twenty!” —Pete

“I thank God for this ministry. May the Lord bless it and continue to use it for His glory! Congrats.” –Anna

“I’ve recently found Mike Fabarez on and just can’t miss a day of learning. You are gifted, sir!” –Beth

We echo the sentiments shared by these listeners and look forward to what this next chapter will hold for Focal Point Ministries in its goal to deliver relevant and accurate Bible teaching to fulfill the command of Christ in the Great Commission

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Focal Point is a 25-minute daily and weekend program, available via Amb-OS and FTP download. To add the program to your station's lineup, download the sign-up form or visit our contact page.