Focal Point Devotional Content for January - March 2016 Now Available

By Jessie Jolliff

Dec. 17, 2015

New Devotional Spots are now available for airing on your station January through March 2016.

You can download the 60-second audio files from the Focal Point FTP site. The files are located in the "Devotional Spots" folder under "Winter 2016."

From making Godly resolutions to preparing for Easter, these devotional spots will take your listeners through the first months of the New Year with relevant and compelling Bible teaching.

It's not too late to add the five Christmas spots Pastor Mike recorded to air exclusively throughout the month of December. These files are labeled "Christmas" in the "Fall 2015 Devotional Spots" folder on the FTP site. Special Christmas greetings and liners from Mike Fabarez are also available for download in the Station Resources section of our website.

Hear samples of the quarterly Devotional Spots, and download the Christmas greeting and liners here. Sign up to air the Devotional Spots when you contact our office today.

Pastor Mike Fabarez can be heard on more than 600 stations in the United States through the daily and weekly Focal Point broadcasts. Available via Amb-OS, Moody Broadcasting Network's MB1 Satellite feed, and FTP download.

Bring your listeners relevant, accurate and compelling exposition of God's Word through the ministry of Focal Point. To add Focal Point to your station lineup contact our Media Services Team at (818) 865-0180 or email