Focal Point: Fresh, Relevant, Bold Teaching from God's Word

By Jessica Suggs

April 9, 2014

“Focal Point is committed to delivering relevant and accurate biblical exposition to the widest possible audience.”

Focal Point is a daily 25-minute radio program featuring the Bible teaching of Pastor Mike Faarez, senior pastor at Compass Bible Church in Southern California.  His passion for "rightly handling the word of truth" is evidenced in every radio program where the Bible is the centerpiece for life application.

In 1998, the Bible teaching of Mike Fabarez was brought to the airwaves for the first time.  Currently, the daily radio broadcast can be heard on nearly 500 stations nationwide.

Both engaging and gripping,  Mike's bold proclamation of God's Word honors a conservative theological position and consistently points listeners to Jesus Christ.  The program's contemporary sound keeps it fresh and relevant, while also presenting the precious treasure of God's Word with the excellence it deserves.

Hear samples of this daily broadcast here.

Focal Point is available via FTP download.  To add Focal Point to your line-up today, call Jessica Suggs at (818) 865-0180 or email

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