Focal Point Spring 2016 Devotional Spots Now Available

By Jessica Suggs

March 31, 2016

In addition to providing relevant and compelling teaching of Pastor Mike Fabarez on the daily and weekly Focal Point broadcasts, every quarter the ministry provides 60-second Devotional Spots that highlight key teaching points from Pastor Mike. We’re pleased to announce new spots are now available to air throughout April, May and June.

Audio files are available to download from the Focal Point FTP site. To sign-up to air the 60-second Devotional Spots, contact Jessie Jolliff at (818) 865-0180 or email

Focal Point is having an incredible impact in the lives of men and women across the country! Recently we heard from radio listeners Phil and Shannon who shared ...

“I found Focal Point on Sirius channel 131 and have listened every afternoon since.

The straightforward, clear and unabashed exposition of God’s Word from Pastor Mike is refreshing, convicting, uplifting and at all times, educational.

In this time when distortion and manipulation of the truth of the Bible is rampant, we appreciate the conviction and courage you display in your ministry to dispense the truth as God intended.”

– Phil and Shannon Parker

Focal Point is having a real impact on lives! Contact our office today to sign up for the 25-minute daily and weekly broadcasts. Both programs are available on Amb-OS and FTP download.