Ask Pastor Mike: How to Have Victory Over Sin

By Intern

July 20, 2016

Many of us understand the frustration of a reoccurring problem in our lives.

From seasonal fruit fly infestations to the tricky toilet that just won’t stay fixed, the only thing worse than dealing with a setback, is dealing with the same setback.

As Christians, we know this feeling all too well when it comes to the subject of reoccurring sin. Satan doesn’t have to introduce some far-fetched, fantasy struggle into our lives. He often tempts us with the same thoughts and triggers we’ve either wrestled with in the past or continue to contest on a regular basis.

For this reason, Pastor Mike Fabarez of Focal Point answers a question that is heavy on the hearts of men and women from every stage of life:

How can I have VICTORY over my sin?

On August 12, tune in to Focal Point’s Friday and weekend special segment called, Ask Pastor Mike, as Pastor Fabarez provides listeners with the tools they need to turn away from the sins that so easily entangle them.

This upcoming Ask Pastor Mike broadcast will enable Christ followers to access the sacred source of strength they need to combat cyclical sin. 

According to Pastor Mike, “Sin is an artificial substitute of something. We’ve got to find the real thing in Christ and know what that is, because there is a solution to the problems we face every day.”

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