Fresh Christmas Spots from Discover the Word

By Julianna Keck

Dec. 6, 2017

This holiday season, the Discover the Word team has recorded fresh, encouraging Christmas greetings for you to share with your listeners throughout the month of December!
We pray these 30 and 60-second audio spots will fill the men and women tuning in to your station with a reinvigorated sense of awe and wonder at God’s love so purely displayed through the Christmas story.
Click here to download the Discover the Word Christmas spots.


To make the season even more merry and bright, Our Daily Bread Ministries has lined up some inspiring programming for the weeks leading up to Christmas.

The songs of Christmas will come to life on Words to Live By as Barbara Follis uncovers the stories and Scriptures that inspired many of our most beloved carols.

Listeners are invited to settle into their personal 4th chair, armed with a cup of hot cocoa for the daily Discover the Word broadcast.

Bill Crowder, Elisa Morgan, and Mart DeHaan will engage in a riveting conversation on how Christmas has the power to change everything in our lives today ... in the same way it did for all those involved in the first Christmas over 2,000 Decembers ago.

It’s going to be a wonderful month! On behalf of the Our Daily Bread Ministries team, we wish you a Merry Christmas!


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