Grace-Powered Living with Pastor Robert Jeffress

By Jessie Jolliff

Sept. 7, 2016

Throughout the month of September on Pathway to Victory, Pastor Robert Jeffress walks listeners through a brand new series, “Grace-Powered Living.” These timely messages affirm the foundations of our faith through an in-depth study of Romans 1 – 5.

According to Dr. Jeffress, Romans is one of the most theologically rich books of the Bible. Focusing on chapters 1 – 5, Dr. Jeffress digs deep into the subject of grace, explaining why it is so central to our faith and why a thorough understanding is essential for all who follow Christ.

“The power of Paul’s classic letter to the Romans cannot be over-stated,” says Pastor Jeffress in the opening broadcast of the series, because Romans has made a lasting impact on the world. This book sparked the Protestant revolution when Martin Luther read about God’s grace that’s given to us through faith. This is a spirit-stirring series!

The ministry has received a steady stream of comments from those who have been blessed by listening to Dr. Jeffress’ teaching on Pathway to Victory.

One such listener, Roberta from Queen Creek, AZ, is no longer able to get to church every weekend, so she and her husband rely on Pathway to Victory for their weekly worship:

My husband and I are both 87 years old, and we are celebrating our 68th wedding anniversary this September! All our lives we’ve gone to church on Sunday, but we can no longer make it to church each Sunday. We so appreciate you and your church making these messages available!”

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