Hear J.D. Greear on Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk

By Julianna Keck

Aug. 3, 2017

What does Samson have in common with me?

Pastor J.D. Greear of Summit Life Ministries suggests there may be a lot more similarities than you’re prone to think. While it’s easy to box in Samson’s life as a Sunday School story that holds no lasting significance in our daily lives, J.D. dissects and presents the Judges narrative in a way many of us have never before been exposed to.

“Lessons from the Life of Sampson,” a sermon originally delivered at the 2016 Ignite Men’s Conference, so moved the hearts of the attendees at Liberty University that Dr. James Dobson chose to feature J.D.’s message on his radio broadcast, Family Talk, this past July 21, 2017.

Pastor J.D. opens the sermon by stating:

“Sampson’s journey is not supposed to be unique or special … It encapsulates the journey of every man in Israel, and if you listen, it will capture your story as well. It’s told for you.”

He proceeds by breaking down Samson’s 5 greatest weaknesses—sins that can easily take root in our own lives—before reminding us of the amazing power we have because the Spirit of God lives within us!

Without fail, J.D.’s convicting sermons push listeners to look inward, examining their hearts and lives.

He preaches the Scriptures with boldness, clarity, and urgency, exposing hard-hitting truths that force listeners to come face-to-face with areas in which they need to be reconciled to Christ.

Click here to listen to Pastor J.D. Greear on Dr. Dobson’s Family Talk.

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