Highpoint Debuts on Moody Radio

By Intern

June 13, 2016

Highpoint Ministries’  Ron Zappia debuts on Moody Radio July 3rd, with two never before aired series.

In addition to a fruitful partnership with WYLL AM, Pastor Ron Zappia is excited to add WMBI Moody Radio Chicago to the Highpoint radio portfolio.

Captivating the greater Chicago area for Christ for more than 15 years, this 6’6” gospel-proclaiming pastor is releasing two unique and powerful series to radio listeners this July: Sacred Strength and Next Level Faith.

Click here to see videos of these programs.

Sacred Strength will be airing July 7 through 18, addressing the extra energy boost our culture is desperately seeking.  But according to Pastor Ron Zappia, this energy source is not packaged in a wrapper, cup, or bottle. And you can’t purchase it at Starbucks. Sacred Strength can only be found in one place: the empty tomb.

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                                    Power over Discouragement

                                           Power over Doubt

                                        Power over Discontent

As Pastor Ron dives into the gospel of John, he highlights Jesus’ five resurrection appearances and the power we have to overcome through Christ.

Then, Ron Zappia delivers Next Level Faith, airing July 19 through August 15. Listeners will be encouraged as Pastor Ron uncovers the secrets to success in every area of life with messages titled: 

                                       My Way or the Highway

                                             Stuck in the Muck

                                         The Grumble Stumble 

In Next Level Faith, Pastor Ron unearths the difficult realities of Moses’ life from the book of Exodus. And through the challenges Moses faced, listeners will discover a practical road map for their own life of faith.

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Deliver Sacred Strength and Next Level Faith to your listeners this July.