Thru The Bible Available On AMB-OS

By Intern

June 17, 2016

There’s never been a better time than now for hopping on The Bible Bus.

Thru The Bible has joined the Amb-OS broadcasting system as Dr. J Vernon McGee wraps up his teaching in Genesis this June.  Another five-year cycle has begun and you’ll have easy access to the daily program, the weekend Q&A program and the weekend Sunday Sermons with Amb-OS.

It’s never too late to join Dr. McGee’s five-year journey from Genesis to Revelation. Listeners can hop on and off The Bible Bus anytime, but now’s the perfect time to get on board as Thru The Bible recently kicked off it’s 10th cycle!  April marked the beginning of yet another trip into the unique, systematic study of God’s Word as delivered by the legendary Dr. McGee. 

Download a printable bookmark of the Thru The Bible broadcast schedule here.

Now through June 30, Dr. McGee delves into Genesis with the story of Joseph, exploring both his sufferings and his victories. The applications are profound for our lives.

You won’t want to miss Dr. J. Vernon McGee’s timeless and trusted teachings in the last 10 chapters of Genesis, and the Gospel of Matthew is just around the bend this July.

                  “The book that opens the Old Testament (Genesis) and the book that opens the New Testament (Matthew) are the two books which I feel are the key to the understanding of the Scriptures.”  – Dr. J Vernon McGee

Add Thru The Bible to your broadcasting lineup today and give your listeners a ticket to come aboard for Tour No. 10