Hope Out Loud Brings People to Christ

By Jessica Suggs

Oct. 14, 2016

The mission of Hope Out Loud is to proclaim the hope of the Gospel by providing encouragement for everyone from moms and dads to teens, singles and grandparents.  This is a unique family ministry that resonates with people of all walks of life.

The heart of the ministry is to reach people right in the middle of their day to give them hope and strength.  In their Hope Out Loud daily radio program, the Barrick family prays over the listener, encouraging each one to rely on God’s love and grace through a relationship with Jesus Christ.  This 1-minute radio broadcast features the voices of each of the Barrick family members, Andy, Linda, Jen and Josh.

Earlier this week on social media, the ministry shared a video of Josh Barrick’s testimony of how his big sister Jen led him to the Lord. This heartwarming video invites all who seek it to pursue a personal relationship with the One who pursued them first, Jesus Christ.

Watch the video here.

The radio program of Hope Out Loud is authentic, vulnerable and compassionate as the Barrick family welcomes listeners into their family and prays Scriptures of hope and encouragement over everyone tuning in.

Sign up for Hope Out Loud when you contact our Media Services team at (818) 865-0180 or email us at info@kempandcompany.cc. We look forward to hearing from you!