Hope Out Loud Prayers: Jen Barrick's New Book & Heartfelt Challenge

By Intern

June 29, 2016

Most of us fumble for the snooze button, unleash a dawn-breaking yawn or engage in long awaited ‘screen time’ during the first moments of our day…

Hope Out Loud’s Jen Barrick, rolls out of bed and lands on her knees.

According to Jen, beginning each morning in prayer can become the most powerful practice of our daily lives. This simple act of surrender is what inspired Jen Barrick to write her new book: Hope Out Loud Prayers.

Filled with daily encouragement and authenticity, Hope Out Loud Prayers addresses real life needs we can lay at the feet of Jesus and reveals the prevailing promises of God we can cling to. Included are Jen’s personal prayer journals, moving quotes and thought-provoking scripture that will minister to your heart and touch your soul. 

Along with the release of her new book, Jen also challenged bloggers and Facebook friends to join in on her 30- Day Prayer Challenge throughout the month of June. Each Wednesday, Linda and Jen Barrick post a video to their blog, Bible Talk, and provide encouraging tidbits on what prayer means to them. To check out Bible Talk, click here

Lives are being changed through this applicable and heartfelt challenge: 

“I’m in for the challenge! It opened my eyes to how God IS with me and I see him so much more when I kneel and pray each morning and night. Thank you for sharing.”

                 -Margret on May 31, 2016

“Jen I accept your challenge, you came to my church and I heard your testimony. Ever since that day, I have been changed. It’s like God renewed my faith and hope through you. I bought your books and read them. I’m so inspired by all that you and your family is doing. You are helping others through your own struggle and through your story.”

                -Kortney on June 1, 2016

Over 80 similar comments flooded Jen and Linda’s first 30-Day Challenge blog post alone, in which Jen replied with personalized prayers and words of encouragement to each and every one.

“Prayer is something I look forward to everyday, because it helps me experience God in a whole new way and on a whole new level.”            –Jen Barrick

Thanks for all the heartwarming prayers, Jen! 

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