Hope Out Loud Praying for Listeners on Facebook Live

By Jessica Suggs

Feb. 7, 2017

There’s nothing that brings the Barrick family more joy than to share the good news of Jesus Christ with hurting families.

And now, Hope Out Loud radio listeners can connect with the Barricks’ in a fresh new way through weekly Facebook Live video sessions on the Hope Out Loud Facebook page.

These Facebook Live sessions allow listeners to communicate with Jen and Linda in real time. This also provides them an opportunity be prayed over by Jen and to see first hand Jen and Linda’s passion for loving the Lord in a real, tangible way.

Don’t miss these weekly opportunities to catch up with the Barricks’ and be encouraged by their steadfast faith. Check out past videos by clicking here.

To bring Hope Out Loud’s one-minute daily short feature to your station, contact the RKC Media Services Team at 818.865.0180 or info@kempandcompany.cc. Hear samples on our website at http://kempandcompany.cc/programs/hope-out-loud/.