I Mustache You A Question - Weekly Insight From Mark Gregston

By Jessica Suggs

Aug. 5, 2016

Being a parent can feel like an isolating endeavor. Often the questions moms and dads have far outweigh the answers. Without a solid support system, they're left muddling through challenging family issues on their own.

Every Wednesday, Mark Gregston of Parenting Today's Teens responds to these pressing questions in an online ministry called I Mustache You a Question: Q&A with Mark Gregston. These weekly Q&A dialogues provide moms and dads a place to go with their most difficult child-rearing quandries.

Read the latest Q&A, and access the archived dialogues here.

With more than 40 years experience working with teens and their families, Mark Gregston brings an insightful, fresh perspective to moms and dads at their wits' end. His weekend 25-minute broadcast, Parenting Today's Teens, features unfiltered one-on-one conversations with teens - providing unique guidance on how to break through communication barriers with teens.

The daily 1-minute feature, Parenting Today's Teens, provides refreshingly practical and biblically based guidance in a short form broadcast.

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