In the Market with Janet Parshall: A Memorial Day Guest to Remember

By Jessica Suggs

June 8, 2016

Recently Janet Parshall posted the above graphic on her Twitter account, @parshalltalk. She shared, “So glad my granddaughter gets what Memorial Day is all about!!”

Janet’s Granddaughter isn’t the only one who got a taste of freedom this past Memorial Day.

Amidst all the barbeques and boat rides of the Memorial Day celebration, Janet reminded the thousands of listeners who tune into her program every day of what it truly means to be a faith warrior.

Pioneering through pertinent news stories with a refreshingly biblical perspective, Janet Parshall invites noteworthy speakers into the heated discussions of today’s culture.

On May 30th, listeners of In the Market with Janet Parshall enjoyed a special treat, as Janet welcomed Robert Vera, author of ‘A Warrior’s Faith,’ to the air.

During the broadcast, Robert Vera revealed the faith story of real-life American hero, Ryan “Biggles” Job. You’ll remember him and his good friend Chris Kyle, from the highly acclaimed motion picture American Sniper.

Ryan became a testament to faith in action after his memorable escape from the sniper surrounded rooftop in Ramadi, Iraq. He went on to accomplish many more victories beyond those recognized in Hollywood.

In the Market with Janet Parshall provided listeners exclusive insight into the life of this faith-infused warrior, as he truly embodied Hebrews 1:11, choosing to live by faith even after losing his sight.  Listen to this special program segment here.

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RKC gives a special thanks to In the Market with Janet Parshall for this memorable tribute of what it truly means to ‘fight the good fight’ as a follower of Christ.