Insight for Living: Fulfilling Our Role in God's Plans

By Jessica Suggs

May 24, 2017

In a world where things are spinning out of control, we often wonder if one person can make a difference.  The Insight for Living daily and weekend broadcasts throughout the month of June 2017 answer this pivotal question.

According to Chuck Swindoll,

The phenomenal happens through our daily faithfulness to align our thoughts with God’s – to think biblically in order to act biblically … to fulfill our role in God’s plans.”

Those tuning in for this programming will find wise counsel for getting through troubled times … and help in finding a fresh perspective for moving forward with grace and forgiveness.

Insight for Living is committed to boldly proclaiming God’s Word and training His servants throughout the world.  But they can’t do it alone. 

Thank you to our many station partners for being an integral part of the Great Commission … and for working together to be a part of something absolutely phenomenal!

Insight for Living features the Bible teaching ministry of Chuck R. Swindoll.  The program is available in a 27-minute Daily and Weekend format and is widely considered one of the leading radio programs in Christian broadcasting.

Also available from Chuck Swindoll is the daily 1-minute feature, Insights, and the half-hour weekend program for preschoolers called Paws & Tales.

Join the more than 2,100 media outlets worldwide in bringing Insight for Living to your community.  Contact the Media Services Team at or call (818) 865-0180 to bring Chuck Swindoll to your listening audience!