James MacDonald Will Speak at Revive Us

By Jessie Jolliff

Oct. 17, 2016

These are dark days we live in. But according to host, Kirk Cameron, the Spirit of God is moving and there is HOPE for our nation.

James MacDonald will be a featured speaker at Kirk Cameron’s 2-hour, interactive national family meeting called “Revive Us.”

This LIVE event will broadcast in 1,000+ theaters all over the United States tomorrow, October 18, with an encore on October 24.

James MacDonald has dedicated his life to helping men and women make real, lasting change in their lives through an authentic, personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It’s one of the topics he focuses on most in his radio and television broadcasts, Walk in the Word.

“Revive Us” is a call to revival for the North American church. Dr. Ben Carson, Eric Metaxas, and other guests will speak at Harvest Bible Chapel’s Cathedral Campus for the live broadcast.

Watch the intro video by clicking on the image below.

You can learn more about the “Revive Us” conference here

James MacDonald’s passionate teaching on true authentic change can be heard on more than 1,150 stations in the U.S. and Canada on the daily and weekend Walk in the Word broadcasts.

Listen to program samples here.

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