Janet Parshall: LIVE from the Holy Land

By Julianna Keck

July 7, 2017

Janet Parshall of the daily live broadcast, In the Market, available from Moody Radio, recently returned from spending two weeks in the Holy Land. She was abroad from June 6 – 21.

Janet walked the same streets Jesus walked along centuries ago. Fellow travelers included the president of Moody Bible Institute, Dr. Paul Nyquist, several Moody professors and a group of radio listeners. Together, they witnessed the climate of political turmoil and unrest that continues to plague this area of the world.

Parshall took to Facebook and Twitter to share live updates …

After traveling through the Holy Land for yet another visit, I return even more committed to telling the truth of what happens there, of calling out biased and hateful reporting when I hear it ... and for praying for the peace of Jerusalem,” said Parshall.  “If the opportunity comes, always choose to go to Israel.”

In her live daily broadcast, In the Market, Janet Parshall challenges listeners to examine major news stories and issues being debated in the marketplace of ideas.

Never one to shy away from contentious or even frightening topics, Parshall is passionate about engaging in meaningful discussion. She addresses relevant issues impacting Christians today—all while using the Bible as the framework for dialogue.

In fact, Parshall’s radio ministry was born out of her conviction that it is our duty as Christians to actively shape our culture by being salt in the world. According to Janet …

 “Our transformed nature gives us a transformed perspective on so many crucial issues. We are called to 'influence and occupy' until He comes. For Christians, that means knowing how to apply the whole truth of the whole Gospel to everything in our lives, including current events.”

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