Know the Truth Study in Psalms

By Jessica Suggs

April 7, 2014

During the month of April on Know the Truth, Pastor Philip De Courcy takes listeners on a musical journey through the Psalms in the series, This is My Story, This is my SongPsalms is a book about real people with real problems.  The composers of these ancient songs struggled with modern day problems such as fear, depression, injustice, aging, raising families and trusting God in the face of His seeming absence. 

Not only do the Psalms address our questions, but they also answer those questions!

Know The Truth is a daily, 25-minute broadcast featuring the Bible teaching ministry of Philip De Courcy and hosted by broadcasting veteran Wayne Shepherd.  Through expositional and transformational studies, Know the Truth is fully devoted to proclaiming the truth of God's Word with boldness, clarity and conviction.

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