Life Without Limbs Celebrates 10 Years of Ministry

By Jessie Jolliff

Nov. 19, 2015

This year, Life Without Limbs celebrated its tenth year of crossing borders, building bridges and breaking down barriers for the Kingdom of Christ. Through Nick Vujicic, the Gospel has reached literally hundreds of millions all over the globe. Nick has spoken to people on every continent and through every means possible.

"Just this past October and November, the Lord allowed me to speak to nearly 2 million high school and middle school students," said Nick. "Lives were saved from suicide. And at Florida Atlantic Football Stadium, 20,000 hungry souls filled the stands and 2,000 came forward to give their lives to Christ." Nick rejoices in his life without limits and the vital purpose God has given him.

In the decade to come, Nick will continue to focus his ministry on building and fostering community. Through radio broadcasts, live events, a free mobile app and social media, Life Without Limbs reaches hungry and hurting souls who listen when Nick speaks. Born without limbs, he has instant credibility with everyone he meets.

Nick looks forward to what this next chapter will hold for Life Without Limbs in its mission to share the Gospel with people everywhere.

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Life Without Limbs is a 2-minute short feature, available via Amb-OS and FTP download. To add this program to your station's lineup, download the sign-up form or visit our contact page.