Mike Fabarez Releases Timely New Book, Raising Men, Not Boys

By Julianna Keck

Oct. 3, 2017

Beyond natural disasters and human tragedy that plague our world today, parents are facing the daily challenge of raising godly children.
In a day and age when gender fluidity, delayed adolescence, and the feminization of men is creating a crisis in society, families and the church, parents need help to face these challenges with biblical truth and wisdom.

Drawing from personal experience raising two boys, Pastor Mike Fabarez just released his highly anticipated book, Raising Men, Not Boys: Shepherding Your Sons to Be Men of God.

This brief video from Pastor Mike addresses some of these challenges ... and how we can help our boys grow into to godly men

This Fall, share the real life, biblical wisdom found in Raising Men, Not Boys...

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Help empower the parents and grandparents in your listening audience to raise up the next generation of godly leaders.

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