New Christmas Spots from Discover the Word

By Jessica Suggs

Dec. 3, 2016

The Discover the Word team has recorded fresh, encouraging Christmas greetings for you to share with your listeners.

Download these audio spots from our website:

Also in December, Our Daily Bread Minsistries is highlighting a seasonal Gift of Grace campaign. The Discover the Word team will unravel a unique perspective of the Christmas story from the book of John during the week that leads up to Christmas.

In their series, Christmas Grace, Elisa Morgan, Bill Crowder and Mart DeHaan suggest that sometimes it takes multiple points of view to make sense of a story. Listeners will discover how God’s grace is evident both in the Old Testament, as well as through the life and death of His son, Jesus.

Also, per tradition, the last week of 2016 will feature a classic Christmas series from the original Discover the Word team: Haddon Robinson, Alice Mathews and Mart DeHaan. The team draws from Titus 2 to share the good news: God’s gift of grace gives us peace about our past and hope for our future.

That’s a promise worth taking into the new year!

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