Making God the High Point of Your Day

By Julianna Keck

Nov. 3, 2017

Spend time over a cup of coffee, or on the basketball court with Ron Zappia and you won’t be surprised that this up-and-coming radio pastor is impacting lives for Christ.

At 6'5", Ron’s passion for a good slam dunk is no rival to his desire for helping men and women engage with God on a real, deep, personal level.

On Highpoint, listeners learn how to make time spent with the Lord the high point of their day.

Just this past month, Ron urged those who follow Christ to make prayer the first line of defense in a world increasingly overcome with turmoil. This rousing series on prayer met people right where they live, and provided straight-forward, applicable, and unapologetic Bible teaching.

According to Pastor Ron Zappia, “Prayer is the nerve that moves the mighty hand of God.” And our prayer is that God will move in mighty ways in your listening audience through the radio ministry of Highpoint.

For all our Moody Affiliate stations, we’re pleased to announce that Highpoint is now available on the MB1 Moody Radio Program Schedule. The MB1 program feed time is 06:29 every weekday.

To add the daily and weekend 26-minute Highpoint broadcasts to your station lineup, contact our Media Services Team at (818) 865-0180, or email

Bring the fresh, vibrant, biblical content from Ron Zappia and Highpoint to your listening community.  If you’re looking to reach across the aisles and to all generations, this up-and-coming Christian broadcast is what you’ve been looking for!