Catch up with Focal Point Ministries!

By Julianna Keck

July 10, 2018

New One-Minute Focal Point Features: Now Available for Q3

Formerly known as Focal Point Quarterly Devotion Spots, these fresh one-minute features have been re-mastered with new intro content and music. 
Still available on a quarterly basis to air ROS, these One-Minute Focal Point features are seasonally enhanced to help celebrate key holidays and themes.

Draw listeners to the Focal Point daily and weekend broadcasts on your station.
Request access to download the re-mastered One-Minute Focal Point features today!


A Fresh, New Look

Fresh content and enhanced musical themes aren’t the only thing that’s new at Focal Point these days.

The ministry recently launched new branding drawing attention to their vibrant, authentic mission …

Exploring and Proclaiming the Depths of Scripture

Be sure to update your digital and print program guides and ministry promotional materials with this fresh new look from Mike Fabarez and Focal Point!


On Air This July

You wouldn’t trust a mechanic who’s never driven a car.  So, you definitely wouldn’t trust your spiritual life to someone who doesn’t practice what he preaches!

This July, on the daily and weekend editions of Focal Point, Pastor Mike Fabarez concludes his practical series in Luke, chapter 6, titled “Christianity in Real Life.” 

Addressing the value of integrity and understanding obedience as Christ does, Pastor Mike describes the evidence of the inner transformation that takes place when we welcome Jesus Christ into our hearts.

Should you have any questions about the new resources mentioned above, or to add Focal Point to your station lineup, give us a call at (818) 865-0180.