Parenting Today's Teens April Promotional Packet Now Available

By Jessica Suggs

March 20, 2015

The April 2015 promotional copy for the weekly and daily editions of Parenting Today's Teens is now available. Stations can download the complete promotional packet here.

It was such a privilege to connect with old friends and new faces during February's National Religious Broadcasters Convention. Thank you to our friends at Faith Radio and KCMH for interviewing Mark Gregston while at the convention.

Above: Faith Radio in Alabama interviews Mark Gregstion at the 2015 NRB Convention.

Above: Wade Moser of KCMH interviews Mark in the RKC In-Suite Studio at the 2015 NRB Convention.

As you are looking for fresh program content for your station line-up, please keep Parenting Today's Teens daily, 1-minute short feature and weekly, 25-minute broadcast in mind.

During the month of April on the Parenting Today's Teens weekend edition, listeners will appreciate honest and practical feedback from teen experts like Drs. Tim Kimmel and Shannae Anderson.  Topics will include "Giving Teens More Freedom" and "Eating Disorders in Teens."

To begin airing Parenting Today's Teens on your station, contact Melissa Carlson at (818) 865-0180 or email