Parenting Today's Teens New Theme Music

By Jessica Suggs

Dec. 16, 2014

For more than seven years, Parenting Today's Teens has used the same musical signature for its daily and weekend programs.  We're pleased to feature a brand new custom theme ... effective with the first broadcast in January 2015.  We're confident listeners will appreciate the contemporary approach with a touch of country flare.  It matches Mark Gregston's personality and mustache!  

If your station has elected to air the "Inspirational" version of the 1-minute daily program, don't despair!  In addition to the new updated theme, we will continue to provide the "Inspirational" version for you.  

Feel free to sample the new theme on our website here.

While you’re on our website, be sure to download the new Parenting Today’s Teens logo.  The logo can be used on your station website and station promotional materials throughout the new year.

To add Mark Gregston's weekend or daily broadcasts to your station lineup, contact our office at (818) 865-0180 or email Melissa Carlson and Jessica Suggs at